“I want to write, but more than that, I want to bring out all kinds of things that lie buried deep in my heart.” ~Anne Frank

Anne Frank





When in the raging tempest rung

A note so sweet

Harmoniously spun amidst the whirlwind

A single note


Was all the hope needed to pilot the wind

To face a storm so fierce and send

A soul into chaos

A single soul


Hearing the melody for the first time

Notes discordant but sincere

Woven in the onslaught of a disjointed and untethered progression

Faced alone

Heard alone

A single note

Reaching a single soul

Only a bare soul in the midst of chaos can find it

Hear it

See it

Riding in the wake of dark

A sweet note heralding the light to come


A promise for something more

Chapter 6: A Retreating Girl


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I don’t know how to take a person down, but I do know that charging unarmed into a clearing towards a high security building and armed guards is a horrible mistake, so I wrestle Francis to the ground before he clears our hiding spot.

“Fauna!” he hisses through gritted teeth, thankfully not stupid enough to shout it. “Makaila, get off me!”

The doors have already closed behind his sister and the guards. I wait a few counts before removing myself from atop him and standing. My gut sinks at what just happened. “Francis…I’m sorry.”

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7f7ee3d59f1fbeec0a04e5bb05102153Hey, check out the page I created for my new novella, which you can find under “Novellas” in the menu. Basically, this page will house the table of contents, so new chapters will appear here as well as in the feed. I provide basic info about my story on this page, so if you’re interested, go check it out. (I’m thinking about naming my novella “Divided.” Let me know what you think!)


ToC page for my new novella

P&P Post 4: Netflix and…


The fourth post in the Pen and Pencil joint journal series is here! Check it out on Michael’s blog here. In this post, we explore watching movies together, despite the hundreds of miles between us. There are quite a few options out there for movie-watching, and we make recommendations on our favorite ones, so give it a read! If staying in touch with distant loved ones is on your heart, then this is an avenue for you.


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Here is a free-verse “poem” I wrote about the very important topics of conversion and sanctification. 


A consuming fire
The Word runs forth like a flame
The conscience burns with conviction
Like tendrils of smoke
Cries for forgiveness rise to the heavens
The torment of Truth
Is too wonderful to bear
As the old body turns to ash
The new rises from the fire
From the forge arises refined Gold
Precious to its maker
Rescued from a black inferno more awful
Than the grace of conviction
The blessed are made holy by His flame

Chapter 5: A Hilltop Warehouse


Forgive the delay on Chapter 5, but here it is. I think you’ll find it worth the wait 😉


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Ma wakes me in the morning. It’s the first time she’s had to do that in ages, so I know I’ve somehow managed to sleep in.

I roll over when I feel her gentle hand rest on my shoulder. The light in the room is dim, entering only by the cracked door and a lamp by the wash bin. I prop myself on my elbow and blink at Ma.

“What time is it?” My gut sinks. “I won’t be late for work, will I?”

Ma shakes her head, a tight smile creasing her tired face. “No, not late for work, honey. Just thought I’d give you this.”

She drops a letter into my lap, and my heart races. It’s addressed to me. It must be from Wesley.

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I Am



When the storm blows in
I am not moved
You strengthen me

When the walls fall down
I am not crushed
You shelter me

When my eyes go blind
I am kept safe
You watch me

When my feet wander
I am not lost
You find me

When men aim hate like arrows
I am not afraid
You deliver me

Therefore, when I have to choose
I will choose you
You are I Am

burning bush

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